PSC English Suggestion 2019 With Question Patterns

PSC English Suggestion 2019 & Question Patterns. Every Year Bangladesh Education Board Change Few Part of Syllabus, Question Pattern of PSC Exam. They Also Change Test Book For Each Exam. You PSC Examination is Knocking at The Door. So, PSC Suggestion 2019 English Subject is Most Important Things to Examines. If You Attend Examination without proper knowledge About PSC Syllabus, PSC Question patterns and PSC Mark Distribution, You Might be Face Problem. This is Also An Important Question, When Will PSC Result Date 2019.

So, We Will Discuss About This Year PSC English Question Pattern and Mark Distribution. We Hope it will be help Students and Guardian. According To NAPE The PSC English Question Has been Divided Two part such as Seen and Unseen.

PSC English Suggestion 2019

However, Exam will be held For 100 Marks. Students Can Write down The Answer During 2.30 Hours. Students Might be Worried About Exam Question. So, We Collect PSC English Subject Suggestion and Question provide From Reputed Institute and Teacher. The exam Also Known as Somaponi Exam. Prathomic Shikkha Somaponi English Suggestion and Question Patterns 2019 Will Found Here.

We Also Provide Few PSC English Model Test. So, Students Can Prepared themselves Fast. The Suggestion Made Carefully. So, You Will Get 100% Common question in 2019 Exam.

PSC English Exam Suggestion 2019

The detailed marks distribution of PSC English is given below in the form of different points.

 Seen Passage

  • There will be 10 MCQs. You have to answer all the questions and the mark of which is 10.
  • For the Match given words with their meaning/filling the blanks, there are 5 marks.
  • There will be 5 short questions and you will have to answer all the questions and the mark of which is 10.
  • You have to write 5 short compositions and the mark of which is 10.

Unseen Passage

  • There will be 10 MCQs from the passage. The mark of each question is 1 and the total mark is 10.
  • There is fill in the blanks question and the mark of which is 5.
  • You have to answer 5 short questions and the mark of which is 10.
  • You have to write a simple personal letter from the clue and the mark of which is 10.


  • You have to write 5 WH questions and mark of which is 10.
  • You have to answer 6 short questions according to the instructions and mark of which is 6.
  • For short questions/fill in the blanks, the mark is 5.
  • For sentence rearranging, the mark is 5.
  • You have to fill the form up and the mark of which is 5.

Seen Passages (Question No : 1-4)

  • What food is good ————- we need to make good choices.
  • A long time ago ———— leave the building quietly.
  • My home district is Kishoreganj ———— I love my home district.
  • A person birthday is a specia day ———– spend time with friends and family.
  • On 14th December our class ———– we will never forget.
  • It’s a beautiful spring day ———– she was born.
  • Last January I went to ———— in our tents.
  • Babul and his family ————- fish flying through the sky.

Unseen Passages (Question No : 5-8)

  • There lived a woodcutter ——– began to live happily.
  • Once there were two friends ——– he went away.
  • Helen killer was ——- at the age of 88.
  • Meena Raju Live in a small house —- happy family.
  • A farmer had three sons ——– anybody can harm you.
  • People say that health is wealth ——- feelings and emotion.
  • Long ago, a young man found life ——- found himself again in a family.
  • On bright sunny day a crow stole a piece of meat ——– went away.
  • Once there was a lion ——- ones can help big ones.
  • It is December —- are having fun.
  • It was hot summer day. A man was ——– left the place.
  • Long long ago, there was a king ——- got back his kingdom.
  • The independence of Bangladesh was —— basic rights to its people.
  • Sofia is 24 years old ——– one reason or another.
  • Once an Ant was thirsty ——— the life of the dove.
  • Seikh Sadi.
  • Bayejid Bostami.

Question No-10

  • Daily activities.
  • Keep your body healthy.
  • Becoming a good students.
  • Doing well in the exam.

PSC English Model Test 2019

  1. No. Model question
  2. No. Model question
  3. No. Model question
  4. No. Model question
  5. No. Model question

To make You Preparation For Fast and Meaningful, We Organized Few Model Test. The Model Test Cover Everything According To DPE New Question Patterns. So, Check Each PSC English Model Test and Make Yourself Better For Sit Exam Hall.

An Exam Suggestion Can Make Your Study Easier. so, In this Post I Am Sharing The PSC English Suggestion 2019 For You.

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